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Canadian diamondsCanadian Diamonds - an incredible beauty shines brightly in the Canadian arctic. Canadian diamonds exquisitely pure and clean. Canada's diamond mine is the first producing diamond mine in North America. Most people know this Canadian diamond mine as the Ekati™ diamond mine. The Canadian diamond mine is located 200 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle in the Northwest Territories.

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Canadian Diamonds

Canadian Diamonds

The Canadian Diamond Discovery

Diamonds symbolize happiness and eternal love. Sadly for many, diamonds mean conflict, misery and poverty. In African countries such as Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone, the profits from unregulated diamond trade are used to obtain weapons and fund armed conflicts. Tens of thousands of civilians have been killed, mutilated or abducted.

Out of the darkness a purity the world has never seen is born. Canadian Diamonds.

Canadian diamonds are the most significant discovery in the diamond industry in the last hundred years. Diamonds from Canada...who would have every guessed!

Diamonds from Canada

Canadian diamonds are a clear alternative to conflict African diamonds. The Canadian diamond comes with proof of the diamond's origin. This is essential to ensure your diamond has not contributed to human rights abuses. Canadian diamonds are the only diamonds in the world monitored from the mine throughout the manufacturing process.

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